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Below are some examples of the projects I have worked on over the last few years.  These projects include repairs, alterations, crafts, builds, and designs.

Lucky Stiff

Roulette Dancer: Design and Build

Fall Semester 2022 Western Illinois University:  My job for Lucky Stiff was assistant costume designer.  Some of the tasks delegated to me included hair and makeup design as well as designing the Roulette Dancer costume for the Monty Carlo scenes in the show.  We based the show in the 1950s, so I wanted the costume to look like a show girl of that time.  For the costume, I crafted a fascinator cap and the skirt from scratch and painted a corset that attached to the entire costume as a quick rig.  The pattern for the skirt was also made by me to custom fit our actress, Elizabeth Huntley.  

The Light In The Piazza

Full Show: Concept Design

Spring Semester 2022 Western Illinois University:  Part of my self-training in costuming includes coming up with concept designs each year to present at our designer showcase.  The one I am the proudest of is my concept design for The Light In The Piazza.  This is a show I have fallen in love with over the years and to express my deepest adoration for this show I decided to conceptualize it as my own design.  I kept the time period the same, 1953, 

The Game's Afoot

Gillette: Build

Minot State University Summer Theatre 2021:  In the production of The Game's Afoot that I got to be in I also got the opportunity to work on some of the costumes as part of my contract was in the costume shop.  I built a Sherlock Holmes coat for the character William Gillette.  We had very little budget leftover to buy a coat and no actual pattern available for one, so I found some leftover fabric to craft a jacket out of and made it from a robe pattern mixed with a cape pattern.

Kiss Me Kate

Lily Vanessi: Reconstruction

Spring Semester 2021 Western Illinois University:  During our production of Kiss Me Kate I was assigned the task of completely revamping a dress from Western's madrigal choir wardrobe for the character Lily in her Shakespeare scenes.  I had to remove and reposition the sleeves, add new trim, shorten the dress and add a new belt.  The dress is also made of 100% cotton velvet, which made it very hard to work with and heavy to wear.  The final picture in this little gallery is currently featured in a McGraw textbook for costuming.

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