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About Me!

Hello!  My name is Clarissa Leigh Francesca Consoli.

Professional Life: I am a musical theatre actress based in Chicago.  I have just graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Western Illinois University.  Outside of acting work, I am also a choreographer and costumer.  I have choreographed 4 pieces for WIU's Dance Concerts.  Each of my pieces were experimental and never were in the same style as the last, ranging from a tap to LED fiber optics.  My final piece was a darker dance about beauty, using mirrors and blacklights on stage.  For costuming, I have been a stitcher and builder for a number of shows and have designed a faculty piece for our Dance Escape concert.  This fall I assisted the design of our production of Lucky Stiff.  I was recently in my university's production of Cabaret as a member of the Kitkat Club as well as the German Soloist.  I have just wrapped filming on a supernatural Indy Horror Movie and currently I am a production assistant at Lake Park High School working within their costuming department as the head designer for the first three plays.  I will also be assistant for the fourth play of the semester.

Personal Life:  I am the oldest sister of two boys, one of which is attending a university only an hour away from myself, the other has started his freshman year of high school.  I grew up with a very close bond with my extended family and continue to keep those connections throughout adulthood.  Because of always being social with my family, I have become a huge extrovert who loves to make new friends from all over the place.  Some of my hobbies include art commissioning, video games, bike riding and going to the park just to swing for an hour.  I am also a big collector and through the years have obtained multiple types of collections including but not limited to musical theatre records, song books and enamel pins.  My prized possession is a vintage Kiss Me Kate song book signed by the 2019 Revival Cast of Kiss Me Kate.  A fun fact about me is I can make some great pasta!

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